Recognizing Signs of Low-Energy Cumulative Trauma in Hand Health

Posted on 05/22/2024

As we navigate through our daily lives, our hands and upper extremities are constantly engaged in various tasks and activities. From typing on a keyboard to gripping tools, our hands endure repetitive motions and stresses that can accumulate over time. This phenomenon, known as low-energy cumulative trauma, is a condition that deserves attention and understanding to maintain optimal hand health and functionality.

Understanding the Healing Process of Finger Fractures

Posted on April 23, 2024

When it comes to hand injuries, finger fractures are quite common. Whether it's from a sports-related incident, an accidental fall, or even a workplace mishap, finger fractures can be painful and debilitating. Understanding the nature of finger fractures and the healing process is crucial for a successful recovery.

Restoring Function: Rehabilitation Strategies for Hand Nerve Injuries

Posted on 03/28/2024

Hand nerve injuries can be debilitating and significantly impact a person's ability to perform daily activities. These injuries occur when the nerves in the hand are damaged due to trauma, such as cuts, fractures, or compression. The intricate network of nerves in the hand allows us to feel and control movement, making hand nerve injuries particularly challenging to overcome.

Distinguishing Between Carpal Tunnel and Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Posted on 02/14/2024

In our modern world, where we are constantly engaged with our digital devices and performing repetitive hand movements, the incidence of nerve compression syndromes has seen a significant increase. Two such conditions that are often confused due to their similar-sounding names and overlapping symptoms are carpal tunnel syndrome and cubital tunnel syndrome.

What are the Consequences of Neglecting Treatment for a Fractured Finger?

Posted on 01/23/2024

A fractured finger occurs when one or more of the bones in the finger break. This can happen due to a variety of causes, such as a fall, a sports injury, or even a minor mishap at home. While it may seem like a minor injury, it can lead to serious complications if not treated promptly and properly.

The Recovery Process from Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Posted on 10/13/2023

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a common condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It's characterized by pain, numbness, and tingling in the hand and arm, caused by pressure on the median nerve in your wrist.

Effective Strategies for Managing and Preventing Tendon Injuries

Posted on 09/12/2023

Tendons are robust, flexible fibrous connective tissues that connect muscle to bone. Their primary function is to transmit the force generated by muscle contraction to the bone, allowing for movement.

Rehabilitation and Recovery After Finger Reattachment

Posted on 08/01/2023

Finger reattachment, also known as digit replantation, is a surgical procedure that involves reattaching a finger that has been completely or partially severed. This intricate operation requires microsurgery to connect tiny blood vessels and nerves, and is often a lengthy and complex process.

Restoring Function After Nerve Damage in the Hands

Posted on 07/10/2023

Nerve damage in the hands can be a debilitating condition. It can impact your ability to perform everyday tasks. The damage can occur from an injury, a medical condition, or a surgical procedure. Restoring function to the hands is a crucial aspect of rehabilitation.

The Top Causes of Hand Joint Pain Among Athletes

Posted on 06/26/2023

Athletes are no strangers to joint pain. Training and competition subject the body to repetitive stress, which can be harmful. It might result in several ailments and injuries. One area where athletes often experience pain is in their hand joints.

What Is Dupuytren's Contracture?

Posted on 05/30/2023

Dupuytren's contracture is a condition characterized by an abnormal thickening of the fascia. This is the layer of tissue in the palm under the skin at the base of the fingers. The thickened tissue can develop into a thick band or hard lump, causing the fingers to contract or curl. It can affect one or more fingers, where they curl inward towards the palm or pull sideways. It usually affects the ring and little fingers.

How to Prevent Hand Injuries in the Workplace

Posted on 04/21/2023

Most hand injuries occur suddenly, with the results either long-term or permanent. Prioritizing hand safety is vital in any workplace. Millions of people suffer hand injuries each year. Some people lose a hand, while others need surgery or develop infections.

What to Know About Hand Tumors

Posted on 02/23/2023

Hand tumors are abnormal growths. They can occur in the bones, soft tissue, or skin of the hand or wrist. The tumors can be benign or malignant and affect people of all ages. Understanding the different types of hand tumors and the symptoms, causes, and treatments for each can aid in decision-making regarding your health.

7 Telltale Signs: Recognizing the Top Symptoms of Arthritis Early

Posted on 12/13/2023

Arthritis is a common health condition that affects millions of individuals worldwide. It's a term that encompasses over a hundred different types of joint diseases and conditions, characterized primarily by inflammation and pain in the joints. Irrespective of the type, arthritis can be debilitating, significantly interfering with daily activities and quality of life. Living with arthritis can be challenging, especially when it progresses to advanced stages. However, timely recognition and intervention can help manage the condition effectively, reducing its impacts and progression.

Minimally Invasive Nerve Surgery: What to Expect

Posted on 11/27/2023

Nerve injuries and compression can cause pain, numbness, and loss of function. Minimally invasive nerve surgery is a way to treat nerve problems through tiny incisions. This type of surgery has a faster recovery time than open surgery. If you are considering minimally invasive nerve surgery, it helps to understand what to expect before, during, and after the procedure.

Jammed Finger vs. Broken Finger

Posted on 03/16/2023

A jammed finger and a broken finger are common injuries that can result in pain, swelling, and trouble moving your finger. However, each is typically caused by different types of trauma. They also have different treatment options and symptoms. Here is a detailed look at both injuries.

Why Does My Hand Hurt After Using a Laptop?

Posted on 01/26/2023

Laptops can be invaluable for people who want to work on the go. It is easy to stash one in a bag, use it on a commute, or transform any area of your home into a temporary office. However, there is a catch: Prolonged typing on a laptop can harm your health.

What to Do If You Dislocate Your Hand

Posted on 12/20/2022

Hand dislocations happen when one of the eight bones located at the base of the hand, the carpal bones, falls out of the joint. The bones that most frequently dislocate are the lunate or capitate bones. Elbow dislocations happen when the elbow’s joints somehow separate. Wrist dislocations occur when one of the eight wristbones falls out of the socket. 

Can a Severed Finger Be Reattached?

Posted on 11/17/2022

A severed finger is a situation where a part or all the finger is cut off or amputated from the hand. Severing all or part of a finger is a severe injury that will affect how you use your hand. To try and ensure your hand use is not affected as much, surgeons may attempt to reattach the finger.

Can a Vertical Mouse Help With Arthritis?

Posted on 10/20/2022

Everything in the world is now almost fully digital. As technology keeps growing, it is becoming more inclusive. Technology is supposed to make life easy for everyone. This includes people with different physical and medical issues.

How an Orthopedic Surgeon Can Help With Your Poor Grip

Posted on 09/15/2022

Whether your poor grip is due to an underlying health condition or loss of muscle strength, an orthopedic surgeon can help. Your doctor will determine the cause of your problem and offer the appropriate treatments to restore your grip strength.

Common Hand Injuries for Musicians

Posted on 08/22/2022

Musicians are vulnerable to musculoskeletal injuries that can severely affect their livelihoods. It is no wonder many famous musicians insure their hands from damage. Whether you play a musical instrument for fun or professionally, you should pay attention to common hand injuries for musicians.

Carpal Tunnel Relief: 7 Remedies for Pain

Posted on 07/20/2022

Carpal tunnel syndrome causes tingling, pain, and numbness in your arms and hands that lasts for several months. The condition can result from using vibrating hand equipment. These include musical instruments and manual labor tools. They cause a pinched nerve in your wrist, making it hard to perform everyday activities.

What Is an Industrial Injury?

Posted on 06/07/2022

An industrial injury is an event at work that results in bodily harm. The physical trauma can be from an object, a person, or a substance. A deliberate injury does not fall under this category.

What to Consider When Choosing a Hand Surgeon

Posted on 05/17/2022

If you are experiencing severe or chronic pain in your hands, or if you are suffering from issues with mobility in your fingers, hands, or wrists, it’s always a good idea to consult with a specialist. The hands are made up of many tiny bones and joints, and only highly qualified and trained hand surgeons have the comprehensive knowledge and experience needed to correctly diagnose and treat issues affecting this part of the body. So, how do you know which hand surgeon is right for you?

At What Age Can You Develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Posted on 04/12/2022

What is carpal tunnel syndrome? This is a disorder that occurs due to pressure in the median nerve. Your median nerve is responsible for sensation in your wrist, hand, and forearm. The nerve originates from your forearm and goes all the way to your hand.

Do I Need Treatment for a Wrist Sprain?

Posted on 03/18/2022

A wrist sprain describes a type of injury where the wrist ligaments tear, stretch, or even break. The ligaments are the tissue bands that connect bones to joints. The wrist can twist or bend suddenly, damaging the ligaments. 

Has Working From Home Led to an Increase in Carpal Tunnel?

Posted on 02/11/2022

Carpal tunnel syndrome is quite common in America. According to studies, between three and six percent of Americans have this condition. The reason why it is so common is that many people spend many hours using a computer. This can place enormous strain on the wrists. 

What Causes Scar Tissue to Form in the Hand?

Posted on 01/20/2022

Scar tissues develop in various parts of the body, including the hand. In the early stages, it may not be painful. The nerves become destroyed together with the healthy tissues. However, the scar tissue grows painful as the nerve endings begin degenerating.

Dislocations in the Hand: Symptoms & Treatment

Posted on 12/07/2021

Dislocations can happen anywhere in the body, including in the hands. They happen when the ends of joints in the body are forced from their normal position, causing deformity, pain, and loss of function. Hand dislocations occur when one of the eight carpal bones, which are the bones located at the base of the hand, fall out of the joint.

When Do I Need to See an Orthopedic Specialist?

Posted on 11/12/2021

Depending on your profession, your job can be hard manual work. Maybe it involves performing repetitive motions, moving about all day long, or lifting heavy objects. Whatever the case, the muscles, nerves, and joints in your body can take a beating.

Will a Fractured Finger Heal on Its Own?

Posted on 10/21/2021

Each of your fingers, besides the thumb, have three phalanges. The thumb has two. Phalanges are the bones in your fingers. Any of these can fracture due to injuries. Finger fractures are among the most common bone injuries in the body. They are sometimes hard to detect since your finger may still be able to move. If you detect the injury, it is advisable to seek immediate medical attention. 

What Happens If You Leave a Fractured Finger Untreated?

Posted on 09/09/2021

When it comes to hand injuries, the fingers tend to have the highest risk. All the fingers have several bones called phalanges. A fractured finger occurs when one or several of the bones crack or break. 

What Is a Repetitive Stress Injury & How to Fix It

Posted on 08/02/2021

Have you ever strained the bones or joints in your upper body while playing sports or when repeating certain movements time and again? If yes, then you have had a repetitive stress injury. You may experience pain when you move or bend your hand or do basic things like holding small items or writing. 

Upper Extremity Surgery: What Can It Repair?

Posted on 07/15/2021

The upper extremity anatomy includes the entire arm, from shoulder to fingers. The bones involved are the humerus, radius, and ulna. Trauma to the upper extremities represents some of the most common injuries in surgical practice. 

Top 5 Symptoms of Arthritis

Posted on 06/30/2021

Do you often complain about achy, swollen hands? Perhaps you experience stiffness in your wrists. If so, it’s easy to assume that you have arthritis. It’s not a single disease. Instead, it’s an umbrella term used to refer to more than 100 different conditions that affect the body’s joints. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 23 percent of the adult population in the United States has arthritis.

Top Signs You Are Developing Carpal Tunnel

Posted on 05-31-2021

Most often, when people feel any pain or discomfort in their hands, the first thought is carpal tunnel syndrome. You need to see your doctor to determine whether you are developing carpal tunnel syndrome or if you have something else entirely.

What Causes Carpal Tunnel?

Posted on 04/30/2021

Do you often feel pins and needles or numbness in your hand or fingers? Carpal tunnel is a common condition that affects the hand. If you have this syndrome, you may feel discomfort, general weakness, and numbness in your wrist and hand. The uneasiness comes about when there is increased strain on your median nerve.

What Is Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery?

Posted on 03/25/2021

Surgical treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome is done through either open surgery or using an endoscope, which is a thin tube that has a camera attached. The doctor makes a small incision on your wrist, or both wrist and palm then guides the endoscope through the opening. With the camera, the doctor can see and evaluate the structures in your wrist without cutting it open. As such, the endoscopic approach minimizes tearing and scaring.

What Happens When Nerves in My Hand Become Damaged?

Posted on 02/16/2021

Your hands are composed of a network of bones, muscles, ligaments, blood vessels, tendons, and nerves. All these components are complementary to each other. But, your nerves are the ultimate determinant of the use of your hands. They allow you to touch and feel. Thus, damage to the nerves has a debilitating effect on your use of hands.

Can Nerves Be Repaired?

Posted on 01/31/2021

Damaged nerves can be repaired, depending on the type of nerve, the injury, and the extent of the damage. If the nerve is only injured and not cut, it will most likely heal by itself. Nerves that are completely severed are difficult to treat, and some may never recover fully. But, hand surgery may improve the outcome for many cases of nerve damage.

Fractured Hand: Do I Need Surgery?

Posted on 12/31/2020

You use your hands for almost everything you do. Unfortunately, hands also bear the brunt when it comes to falling items, falls, trips, and other types of accidents.

Do I Need Surgery for a Fractured Wrist?

Posted on 11/30/2020

According to the American Orthopedic Association, distal radius fractures are common. Studies show the radius is a bone that usually breaks easily in your arm. When there is a break in the distal radius, the area near the wrist has a fracture.

Tips on Preventing Arthritis in Your Hands

Posted on 10/31/2020

Hands are some of the most useful parts of the body. They are required to carry out most activities, from simple chores to the most difficult tasks. Life can become very difficult when you are unable to use your hands effectively.

Recovery from soft tissue reconstruction surgery

Posted on 09/29/2020

Soft tissue injuries to the hands are fairly common and are often the result of the hands or fingers being stretched beyond their usual capabilities, or from suffering a direct trauma.

Am I a Candidate for Soft Tissue Surgery?

Posted on 08/12/2020

Soft tissue injuries are a very common occurrence and a key cause of visits to emergency rooms across the country. Soft tissue is responsible for surrounding, supporting and connecting organs with other parts of the body.

Am I a Candidate for Peripheral Nerve Surgery?

Posted on 07/31/2020

Have you ever experienced numbness or tingling in your hands or feet? It could be accompanied by burning, shooting or stabbing pains, or a loss of coordination or weakness? If the answer is yet, then you could be suffering from peripheral nerve damage.

How to Prevent Arthritis in the Elbow

Posted on 06/29/20

Arthritis of the elbow can cause pain when you straighten or bend your elbow. Carrying things, such as a briefcase, can be quite difficult.

How to Prevent Arthritis in the Knees?

Posted on 05/26/2020

According to rheumatologists, arthritis in the knee is also known as osteoarthritis. It is a degenerative condition that usually affects people at least 50 years of age and older. However, in some cases, osteoarthritis can also occur in younger individuals. When you have this type of arthritis, the cartilage in your knee joint slowly deteriorates. Although there are factors such as gender, aging, and genetics that you cannot control, here are some healthy steps that can help prevent osteoarthritis.

Top 5 Common Types of Arthritis

Posted on 04/30/2020

Do you want to know the five common types of arthritis? Let’s talk about them briefly, one at a time.

What are the best at-home exercises to help arthritis in the knee?

Posted on 03/30/2020

Arthritis is an inflammatory condition that is estimated to affect around 54 million Americans, although it is significantly more common in women than men. There are various types of arthritis, but osteoarthritis is the type that is most prevalent in knees. Osteoarthritis is related to aging and is characterized by the swelling, tenderness, and stiffness of the joints. It occurs because the protective cartilage on the ends of the bones breaks down, meaning that the joint doesn’t work as smoothly as before. Bony growths can also develop, further inhibiting movement.

What are the best at-home exercises to help arthritis in the elbow?

Posted on 02/28/2020

The most common cause of arthritis in the elbow is rheumatoid arthritis, although osteoarthritis and injuries can also cause arthritis to occur in the elbow joint. Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic, progressive disease that is caused by having an overactive immune system. This overaction causes the body to produce antibodies that attack the lining of healthy joints. In the elbow, patients can expect to experience inflammation and swelling in the joint lining, and this can cause an aching, throbbing pain.

The Effects of Smartphones on Fingers, Hands, and Elbows

Posted on 01/30/2020

There is no doubt that smartphones have transformed our lives, and in many ways, it has been for the better. It is now much easier to stay connected to colleagues, family, and friends thanks to both calls and social media channels, and there is an app for virtually everything – from monitoring our health and fitness to finding a delicious recipe for dinner. However, the amount of time that we spend using our smartphones has increased year on year for the last decade. Recent statistics suggest that as much as 70% of web traffic happens on mobile devices, with smartphones by far the most popular digital device. Another study by Flurry, a digital analytics company, found that the ‘average’ person spends just under 3 hours each day on their phone, and for some people, their daily screen time blows that figure out of the water.

Hand Exercises that help Arthritis

Posted on 06/12/2019

Arthritis can occur anywhere in our body, and it is particularly common in our hands. There are two types of arthritis that can affect the hands are osteoarthritis, which is when wear and tear on the protective cartilage that cushions the ends of your bones wears down over time, and rheumatoid arthritis, which is caused by inflammation in the joints.

Yoga Poses That Help Hand Circulation

Posted on 05/28/2019

Blood circulation is a crucial body function. It forms part of the cardiovascular system, which consists of the heart and all of the blood vessels that run throughout the body. When we breath, oxygenated blood is transported around our body to our cells, organs and tissues so that we can function day in day out.

What is Arthritis and how can it be treated?

Posted on 07/05/2019

Arthritis is a health problem that is characterized by an inflammation of the joints in the body. It is the leading cause of disability in America, estimated to affect as many as 50 million adults and 300,000 children.

Wrist fractures and how to treat them with surgery

Posted on 05/07/2019

The wrist is comprised of eight small bones which connect to the two long bones that make up your forearm. These forearm bones are called the radius and ulna and the radius is the most common bone involved in a wrist fracture. Unfortunately, wrist fractures are fairly common occurrences and although there are many different reasons for someone to experience one, the most common cause of a wrist fracture is a fall where the patient has put their hands out to stop themselves from hitting the floor. Often, the force of their hands against the floor can cause bones in the wrist and forearm to break. If you suffer from osteoporosis, you have weak bones and this puts you at greater risk of experiencing any sort of broken bone including a wrist fracture.

Minimally Invasive Surgeries for Peripheral Nerve Damage

Posted on 03/15/2019

Peripheral nerve damage, also referred to as peripheral neuropathy, refers to a condition whereby the patient experiences damage to the nerves in the extremities of the body – namely the hands, feet and arms.

How to improve grip strength

Posted on 12/30/2019

Grip strength is often misconstrued as simple hand strength. Although the strength of your hands does factor into it, there are actually many other elements to think about. This is because grip requires the use of muscles extending right from the elbow down to the fingertips. It is for this reason that some conditions that affect the elbow and forearm, such as tendonitis and epicondylitis, can have a significant effect on our ability to properly grip and hold objects.

The Best Mouse to Reduce Carpal Tunnel

Posted on 11/21/2019

Carpal tunnel is a very real and debilitating problem for the people who experience it. It occurs when the narrow passageway in the wrist, called the carpal tunnel, becomes compressed. The carpal tunnel contains the median nerve, which is the main nerve serving the forearm, wrist, and hand.

The Best Keyboards to Reduce Carpal Tunnel

Posted on 10/31/2019

Carpal tunnel syndrome, or CTS as it is sometimes referred to, is an extremely common problem amongst people who spend large amounts of time making small, repetitive moments with their wrists and forearms. This could include tasks such as knitting, woodworking, playing a musical instrument, writing or painting. However, carpal tunnel is most often seen in people who spent a lot of time working at a computer, in particular, typing.

How to treat broken fingers?

Posted on 09/30/2019

Our fingers contain a number of different bones. These are called phalanges, and whilst the thumb only has two of these, our other fingers all have three. Fractures can affect any of the phalanges as well as the knuckle, which is the joint where the bones of the finger meet. Unfortunately, the fact that we use our hands continuously throughout the day puts them at high risk of being injured. In many cases, those injuries can result in a broken finger.

What to do if you have severed your finger?

Posted on 08/26/2019

Our hands and particularly our fingers are something that are easy to take for granted. We rely on them for countless tasks day to day, such as picking up objects, eating and even changing television channel. Unfortunately, our fingers are easily injured too, with them inadvertently becoming knocked, trapped and more. Whilst there are lots of different injuries that can affect our hands, one of the most serious is a severed finger.

Truth or Myth | Does Cracking Knuckles Cause Arthritis

Posted on 07/25/2019

Knuckle-cracking is a fairly common habit with between 25 and 54% of people making it a daily occurrence. It may aggravate the people around you, but for the person doing it, it can create a sense of relief. There are many different reasons why people crack their knuckles, ranging from a nervous habit to helping them to relieve tension in their hands. It is also a habit that is much more common amongst men than women.

How Can I Reduce my Hand Pain?

Posted on 01/17/2019

There are many different ways in which hand pain can affect us. This could range from a dull ache or throbbing that comes and goes to acute pain that occurs when you move your hands in a certain way or into a particular position. The type of pain that you are experiencing could depend on the root cause of your discomfort. While there are many different potential causes of hand pain, there are some that are more common than others.

How Does Carpal Tunnel Affect your Hands?

Posted on 09/17/18

Carpal tunnel syndrome, or CTS, is a widely diagnosed condition that affects the hands and wrists. It is caused by compression of a narrow channel that runs from the forearm into the wrist called the carpal tunnel. This channel is made up of the bones of the wrist which run underneath it, and the transverse carpal ligament which runs across the top. Through the center of the channel runs the median nerve, which is the main nerve that delivers messages between the central nervous system and wrist and hands. It also delivers feeling to the thumb, forefinger, middle finger and half of the ring finger. Nine tendons serving these fingers also pass through the carpal tunnel. Exactly what causes the carpal tunnel to compress can vary from person to person, as too can the way in which the condition affects your hands.

How Can you Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Posted on 12/17/2018

The carpal tunnel itself is a narrow passage in the wrist that is designed to protect the main nerve, called the median nerve, affecting the hand. It also protects the nine tendons that are responsible for moving and flexing the first three fingers. When the carpal tunnel becomes compressed, the nerves are also squeezed, and this can cause a range of symptoms including tingling, numbness and weakness. While treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome is available, it is possible to prevent the condition from occurring in the first place.

Benefits Of Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Posted on 11/19/2018

Know more about the benefits of getting endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery today. For more details, call us at 510.904.1100.

How Can you Prepare Before Hand Surgery?

Posted on 10/19/2018

One of the best ways to improve the outcome of any surgery is to take steps to prepare yourself before your appointment. This will help you to feel calmer and more in control ahead of your surgery as you will know what to expect and be in the best possible health. Here are our top tips for how to prepare before hand surgery.

How does typing cause carpal tunnel syndrome?

Posted on 08/19/2018

Carpal tunnel syndrome, also known as CTS, is a fairly common condition affecting between 4 and 10 million Americans at any one time. It is caused when pressure is placed on a nerve in your wrist, compressing it so that the messages that are usually sent through it become intermittent. This causes a wide range of different symptoms, some of which are minor but others that can be debilitating.

How to Treat Arthritis of the Hand

Posted on 07/17/2018

Arthritis is a very common condition that causes pain and inflammation in the joints of the body. For some patients, just one joint may be affected. However, for others they may have a variety of joints in different areas affected at any one time. Although it is believed to be most common amongst older people, anyone of any age can suffer from the condition.

How Do You Know If You Need Surgery For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Posted on 06/19/2018

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a common disorder believed to affect as many as 6 million Americans at any one time. It is closely linked to repetitive strain injury or RSI – a condition which is characterized by swelling and inflammation due to a job or hobby that requires repetitive movements. When this swelling affects the wrist or hand, it can cause the carpal tunnel, a narrow passageway containing a key nerve serving the hand, to become compressed. When this happens, the patient can experience a range of unpleasant and sometimes debilitating symptoms including strange sensations such as tingling or numbness, weakness in the affected area and discomfort or pain.

Is it Possible to Heal Trigger Finger Without Surgery?

Posted on 05/19/2018

Trigger finger is a fairly common but painful condition that is characterized by one or more fingers that are stuck in a ‘bent’ position and then suddenly pop out straight in the trigger action from which it gets its name. Although it may seem comedic at first, trigger finger is not only painful, but also highly debilitating for the patient who will find their ability to use their hands properly compromised. This means that they may struggle to do their job or take part in activities that they enjoy. Finding an effective treatment is essential if the patient is to be able to live life to the full.

How Effective is Endoscopic Surgery to Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Posted on 04/19/2018

If you have been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), then you have probably tried a variety of different remedies to alleviate your symptoms and restore the full use of your hand and wrist again. While many treatments provide temporary relief for the majority of patients, those who suffer severely or have repeated bouts of CTS may find themselves considering surgical intervention. In the past, patients had no choice but to have a highly invasive procedure. However, as with most medical procedures, CTS surgery has evolved, there is now a much more minimally invasive option available to patients – endoscopic carpal tunnel release surgery.

How Can I Relieve Carpal Tunnel Pain?

Posted on 03/19/2018

If you are suffering from numbness, tingling or pain in your fingers, hands or wrists, then you could be one of the estimated 6 million Americans currently suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – or CTS. This common condition has a number of different neurological side effects, including numbness and prickling of the skin. However, CTS is a progressive condition and the symptoms tend to worsen over time. When this happens, pain can quickly become the most unpleasant and debilitating effect of living with carpal tunnel syndrome.

What are Ways to Get of Carpal Tunnel?

Posted on 02/19/2018

If you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, or CTS, you may have some painful and debilitating symptoms that are getting in the way of your everyday life. They could be preventing you from doing your job properly, or from taking part in the hobbies that you enjoy the most. Whatever the effect that CTS is having on your life, it certainly won’t be a positive one. Thankfully, carpal tunnel syndrome is a completely reversible condition and if it doesn’t disappear of its own accord, there are things that you can do to help.

Why Do Gamers Get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Posted on 01/17/2018

Gaming has been popular since its inception. Nevertheless, the rapid evolution of technology over the last few decades that has seen computer games become more realistic, challenging and engaging than ever before has sent the popularity of gaming through the roof. Indeed, many people cite gaming as one of their favorite pastimes and the average time spent on computer games each day is rising year on year. However, screen time is not the only thing on the rise. Over the last few years, doctors have also seen an increasing number of gamers suffering from a hand and wrist condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Peripheral Nerve and Soft Tissue

Posted on 12/18/2017

Most people know that the central nervous system refers to the nerves that run through the brain and spinal cord. However, far fewer people have heard of the peripheral nervous system, which is the name given to the system of nerves that extend outside of your brain and spinal cord and instead branch out to the ‘peripheral’ parts of your body.

Tennis Elbow Treatment

Posted on 11/17/2017

Many people live under the misconception that tennis elbow is something that only affects tennis players. In fact, it the everyday name given to a condition which causes pain around the outside of the elbow – lateral epicondylitis. It can affect many different people, and cause pain and make it difficult to fully extend your arm.

Causes of Hand and Wrist Pain

Posted on 10/16/2017

Hand and wrist pain are common complaints, resulting in thousands of appointments to visit doctors and other medical professionals every year. Whether your discomfort is mild or severe, left untreated it can impact your ability to fulfil your daily tasks, and in some cases, have a highly detrimental effect on your overall quality of life. So, why do we get pain in our hands and wrists? In this post, we will examine some of the most common causes of hand and wrist pain, and what you can do to minimize your risk of developing problems with these crucial parts of your body.

Smartphone Hand-related Issues

Posted on 09/15/2017

There is no doubt that in the last decade, the smartphone has revolutionized our day to day lives. Checking our emails, reading the latest news, catching up with friends, family and even brands using social media, playing games, booking tickets and performing real-time price checks are just a handful of the things that a smartphone enables us to do. Recognizing the convenience and opportunities they offer, today approximately 77% of American citizens now own a smartphone¹, a percentage which has more than doubled in the last five years. However, as useful as smartphones are to our day to day lives, many users have started to report that they are experiencing increased frequency and levels of finger, hand and wrist pain – something numerous experts are attributing to increased smartphone usage. Let’s take a look at some of the most common smartphone hand-related issues.

How To Minimize Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Posted on 08/16/2017

When it comes to hand and wrist problems, carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most common contributors. A condition that causes mild to severe pain, changes in sensation and even limited movement, it affects more than 8 million people each year.

Common Hand And Wrist Injuries And How To Avoid Them

Posted on 07/28/2017

No one wants or needs the inconvenience of hand or wrist problems. Here is our guide to some of the most common hand and wrist injuries and how to avoid them.


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