Top 5 Common Types of Arthritis

Top 5 Common Types of Arthritis

Posted on 04/30/2020

Experts say that if you’re experiencing some joint pain and stiffness, you may have arthritis. This condition is defined as the tenderness and swelling in at least one of your joints. Studies show that this condition happens when you age, suffer from obesity or have joint injuries. Do you want to know the five common types of arthritis? Let’s talk about them briefly, one at a time.


Rheumatoid Arthritis


This type of arthritis is known to be an autoimmune disease. Research shows that your body’s immune system attacks your joints. This then leads to inflammation and severe damage to your joints if left untreated. In some people, rheumatoid arthritis is distinguishable by rheumatoid nodules.

The known symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis are morning stiffness, swollen joints, swelling, and pain. Usually, if you have inflamed joints on one side of your body, the corresponding joints on the other side are also inflamed.




Reportedly, the weight-bearing joints in your spine, hips, knees, and feet are the ones affected by this type of arthritis. Osteoarthritis sets in slowly in months or even years. It just makes the weight-bearing joints ache. This arthritis doesn’t cause fatigue or weakness.

Known symptoms are deep pain, difficulty in performing tasks, pain when walking, stiffness after resting, and warm joints.


Systemic Lupus Erythematosus


This is known as an autoimmune disease that targets your body’s organs and joints. Women are more susceptible to this disease than men. Its onset usually happens from ages 15 to 44. Some of the reported symptoms of lupus are fatigue, inflamed joints, butterfly rash, headaches, chest pain, and blood disorders.




When there is an accumulation of uric acid crystals in your foot joints, like the one in your big toe or ankles, then you may have gout. Based on studies, you know you have gout when you experience pain in your big toe. Stress, medications and an underlying health condition can all trigger an attack. Experts say that you should have your gout treated immediately or it would eventually affect your kidneys.

Some symptoms are difficulty moving, discomfort, inflammation in your joints, and acute joint pain.


Psoriatic Arthritis


This type of arthritis is manifested through the inflammation of joints and the skin. Psoriasis is a condition that results in the appearance of white and red patches on various areas of your body, such as your navel, knees, anus, and scalp. Studies suggest that 10 percent to 30 percent of individuals who have psoriasis will get psoriatic arthritis. A significant symptom is the inflammation of one to a few joints.


Do you think you have any of these types of arthritis? If you are experiencing pain and swelling in various joints, you should see your attending physician immediately. It is best to have your arthritis taken care of early. At East Bay Hand & Upper Extremity, we can help you distinguish which type of arthritis you have. Please visit our clinic in Oakland, California, anytime. For inquiries or appointments, feel free to call us at 510-904-1100.


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