What Is an Industrial Injury?

What Is an Industrial Injury?

Posted on 06/07/2022

An industrial injury is an event at work that results in bodily harm. The physical trauma can be from an object, a person, or a substance. A deliberate injury does not fall under this category.


Types of Industrial Accidents


Accidents at work come in diverse types, depending on their severity and durability. An industrial injury that causes death or permanent maiming is a major accident. If it is a slight injury without any permanent consequences, it is a minor accident.


An injury with visible signs is an external injury. A fractured bone that does not have visible signs is an internal injury. Industrial accidents do not happen automatically. Certain factors come together to make the environment accident-prone.


Causes of Industrial Accidents


Safety experts classify industrial accidents into three categories. They are:


Unsafe Acts


These include certain dangerous acts from the employees. They may result from ignorance, negligence, wrong attitude, or lack of skill or knowledge. Some examples of unsafe acts include:


  • Working too fast or too slow.

  • Failing to adhere to personal safety in regards to protective gear.

  • Moving safety devices.

  • Distracting or abusive behavior.

  • Using the wrong equipment.

  • Operating machinery without proper authority.

  • Unsound disposal of dangerous chemicals.


Unsafe Working Conditions


Hazardous working conditions are among the leading causes of industrial accidents and injuries. They can result from faulty equipment, tools, machines, detective plants, and materials. All fall under technical causes. They may result from inadequate lighting, defective equipment, and deficient ventilation.


Some accidents can also stem from psychological reasons like fatigue, overworking, frustrations, and monotony. Safety experts claim that one-third of industrial accidents come from tools and equipment like saws, hammers, wheelbarrows, pulleys, and gears.


Other Causes


These result from unsafe climatic and situational conditions. They include extreme temperatures, slippery floors, loud noises, dust, and fumes. Lousy attitudes from workmates or supervisors can also cause industrial injuries.


Preventing Industrial Injuries


The first step in avoiding workplace injuries is abiding by the company's safety protocols. These are in place for a reason, so respect them. There may be some dangerous activities that require extra care to safely complete. Not following the safety rules will most likely lead to injuries at work.


If you are in a leadership position, ensure that your employees have appropriate safety equipment. They must also undergo proper safety education and training. Ensure that they attend refresher courses whenever possible. Accidents in the workplace are unpredictable. But if everyone does their part and follows the safety guidelines, the workplace can become safer.


In case of an injury, follow the protocols set by the company. Most companies require that you get legal representation. It can be a personal lawyer or a representative from your union if your company has one. Legal representation helps you get medical or financial aid for your trauma.


Report the accident or injury to your immediate boss. They can help confirm that you got the injury while working. Being in an industrial accident can have various consequences. You may face temporary or permanent loss of income.


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