Tips on Preventing Arthritis in Your Hands

Tips on Preventing Arthritis in Your Hands

Posted on 10/31/2020

Hands are some of the most useful parts of the body. They are required to carry out most activities, from simple chores to the most difficult tasks. Life can become very difficult when you are unable to use your hands effectively. There are many conditions that can cause the hands to lose their normal function. Arthritis is a common condition that has detrimental effects on the hands. The condition leads to pain and inflammation that makes it difficult to use the hands.

Arthritis is a condition that mostly affects the joints of the extremities. These include the wrists, fingers, hips, knees, and ankles. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent arthritis in your hands.

Watch Your Weight

Watching your weight can help to keep arthritis at bay. Obesity or excessive weight can lead to arthritis. The more weight you carry, the more pressure you place on the joints making them more susceptible to getting arthritis. Maintain proper weight and keep your joints healthy.

Avoid Strenuous Exercise

Indulging in vigorous or straining exercises can lead to arthritis. Sports like volleyball can strain the joints and cause the cartilage to wear down. The wear and tear that occurs due to the exercise can be harmful to your hands. Get plenty of rest between the exercises to allow the hands to rest.

Quit Smoking

Smoking can contribute to the development of arthritis. Smoking causes rheumatoid arthritis that often affects the hands. Stay away from cigarette smoke to ensure that you remain healthy. Your hands and joints will thank you for it.

Take Vitamin D

One of the best ways to avoid getting arthritis is by getting enough vitamin D. Getting adequate vitamin D will nourish your body and ensure the protection of the hands. You can use natural sources or vitamin D supplements but remember that too much of the vitamin can be dangerous.

Drinking Water

Drinking plenty of water is great for your health, and it will help you to avoid getting arthritis. The cartilage in the hands and joints is comprised mostly of water. Drinking plenty of water will help to prevent wear and tear of the cartilage that causes arthritis.

Avoid Job Injuries

If you have the kind of job where you perform a lot of pulling and lifting, you may be at risk. Be careful to avoid injuries to the joints. You risk getting arthritis if your job involves plenty of typing or writing. Make adjustments and choose cushions, pads, and special keyboards to protect your hands. If you get an injury, make sure that you get immediate treatment.

Doing Hand Exercises

There are simple hand exercises that can help to prevent arthritis. The exercises are designed to ensure vigor and motility in the hands. They can help to prevent wear and tear of the joint cartilage. Stretching the joints regularly will help to reduce pain and inflammation while also getting rid of tightness.

Remember, the food you eat will go a long way in helping to prevent arthritis. Choose foods that are rich in vitamin C, vitamin D, and other useful nutrients that help to prevent arthritis.

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